Egg-less Chocolate Moist Cake….

27th January… Happy birthday to our dearest brother Novinthen…

Certainly gives me a reason to bake… Addicted to this egg-less chocolate moist cake lately… This is on my favorite list now…Baked it last week when family was here… Meera simply enjoyed it and reckons she would migrate to Perth just for the cake… Jayshraj as usual loves the chocolate ganache on it… We do not need egg as well as butter for this recipe… White vinegar does the trick… Of course the olive oil gives the extra moist and yummy taste…

Let me stop self praising  on how it tastes and start with the recipe straight on… Vegan’s choice…


1 1/2 cups Plain flour

1 cup           Sugar

4 tbsp          Cocoa powder

1 tsp             Bicarb-soda

1/2 tsp        Salt

1 cup           Water

1/2 cup      Olive oil

2 tbsp          White vinegar

2 tsp            Vanilla essence


1. Combine dry ingredient in a bowl

2. Combine wet ingredient and stir it into the flour mixture

3. Beat well and pour in the greased tin.

4. Bake for 35 min on 180 Celsius.

Baked couple of weeks ago

Isn’t that a quick and easy one… Well for the ganache topping, you can refer to my other baking… If you are lazy to look for it… here is a quick tip… 100 gram chocolate broken into pieces and 100 gram thickened cream…

This post is dedicated to our dearest brother Novinthen… Best wishes and showers of blessings in all your ventures… You have always been the best ya… Love and care… Face all the challenges in life like a piece of cake… 🙂

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