Rudraksha is traditionally used as a prayer bead in Hindusim. They are prominently associated with Lord Shiva and were commonly worn for protection and chanting Mantras.

I have always wanted to wear a Rudraksha. The usual dilemma and all sort of questions runs continuously in my mind; my personal doubts, comments from others, does it suit women, which one is original, how many faces should I wear and yeah it continued…Well, someone has to break the stereotype and yeah my sister, Anu the Mataji of our family started wearing one and she survived the curse, so it is alright for a woman… Now, all the boys in our family wears one… The Rajni style…

My first was a bracelet from Vickneswaran. Vicky grew a passion for Rudraksha and started his quest in depth which slowly unveil the myth… He did some massive research about it and its benefits… His search did not stop there… Vicky managed to locate few Rudraksha trees around Malaysia and even travelled to Sri Lanka to find different types of these Shiva’s fruit

He made me a bracelet from the Rudraksha that he picked himself…

Projectishan started as a small initiative to create awareness about the benefits of Rudraksha and has become a passionate journey of spirituality for Vicky.  To know more about Rudraksha follow the Facebook page of #projectishan

My first Rudraksha…Handmade by Vicky

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